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Marie Curie Cancer Care


Since I'm about to sail around theworld solo, non-stop, unaided - around the Five Great Capes, including Cape Horn - which will be quite a challenge, I would like to raise money for the excellent free nursing care for terminally ill cancer sufferers provided by Marie Curie Cancer Care whilst doing so.

If you click on the Marie Curie logo, you can donate via the secure 'Just Giving' website - many thanks for your sponsorship of my efforts!


regenerate-304In the UK we have 3000 children in prison, a clear indication that we are failing as a society. In Finland the figure is 3.

The government spends billions on the prison system and other associated public services to deal with the effects of crime. A minute proportion of that is spent to get to the root cause and reason we have such a problem.

Our mission is to develop a project that will reduce this figure to zero or as close to zero as possible, by developing a programme of activity that diverts children and young people from prison and prepares them to return to their communities to develop enterprising initiatives to improve life there. We want to encourage young people who are at risk of falling into criminal activity to learn a skill such as sailing and return home to develop and deliver beneficial community enterprises in their communities.

Jeanne said, "I want to set an example to young people by offering my experience of what sailing has done for me along with my determination. If I can face this challenge at my age then they too can face the challenges that come with opportunities to sail, build community and leave crime behind. The challenge of sailing in very difficult environments will transform the most hardened young person. I am sailing around the world at the age of 67 to give these young people a focus, to show them what is possible and to promote the work of RE:generate who want to break the cycle of crime that young people fall into".

Stephen Kearney, the Chief Executive of RE:generate, said: "Jeanne is an incredibly brave and adventurous woman. She wants to send a message and a challenge to young people who are heading for a life of crime and prison. Her message is that if a woman of her age can face this challenge then they too can face the challenges that come with opportunities to sail, build community and leave crime behind."

Lord Carlile QC of Berriew said,

Jeanne's brave adventure is a lesson to all who believe that the world can be improved by originality and example: RE: generate is very fortunate that she is doing this to support their extraordinary work”.

Beaufort Wind Force Scale I normally reference the wind speed by giving the force number. The wikipedia provides a table describing the different force levels and sea conditions associated with the given wind speed.


Winlink 2000 provides a full-featured radio digital message transfer system worldwide. Email transfer with attachments, position reporting, graphic or text-based weather bulletins are available to the Amateur radio community by linking HF/SSB radio to the Internet. Winlink 2000 is available to any properly licensed Amateur radio operator & uses the client software Airmail developed by Jim Corenman.


The AussieWinlink website is of particular interest to those cruising the South Pacific and Indian oceans and the many archipelagoes to Australia’s north. A fellow sailor and keen radio amateur, (Tony VK1VM/KN4VM), after successful lobbying the Australian authorities, opened the door to the establishment of Winlink stations on the Australian continent. There are now four stations with one each based in Sydney (NSW); Melbourne (Vic); Adelaide (SA) and Perth (WA). These new stations together with those that were already in New Zealand significantly improved the reliability of worldwide Winlink communications. The site also has cruising stories and information about installing radio systems onboard. Attempts are being made to re-establish a station in Australia’s Northern Territory. For those that need the information, station details and operating frequencies may be found on and on

Single-Handed Sailing Society (SSS) - based in San Francisco Bay area

The Singlehanded Sailing Society provides a forum where sailors and others interested in the sport of singlehanded sailing can share their ideas and experiences. Races provide an organized arena in which ideas, equipment, designs, and vessels specifically created, built, modified, or equipped for long distance singlehanded racing may be tested and evaluated through friendly sportsmanlike competition. The development of personal skill in singlehanded sailing is encouraged through sailing events and seminars.

Yotreps Yacht Reporting YOTREPS can handle position reports from boats anywhere in the world. Offshore passages can be plotted on the web and, with YOTREPS free software, a plot of their positions, courses, speed and wind vectors can be seen by people shoreside.Daily position and weather observations received are used in a long term analysis of trends in ocean cruising weather and are vital information for forecasters and search and rescue co-ordinators.

YOTREPS position and weather reports are shared with international marine forecasters who use them as a check on predictions and so help to improve their accuracy. Reports are distributed to Search and Rescue co-ordinators so that in an emergency they not only have a better picture of speeds, courses and conditions experienced by boats in difficulties, but can also locate others in the area that may be able to offer assistance. Reports contribute to a growing data base of offshore weather observations. These are used to provide the most up to date monthly analysis of conditions experienced on the more popular cruising routes.