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Day 6 from Tahiti to Honolulu - wind down to 2-3 kt , sea smooth...

Friday 22nd June

Another hot, relaxing day of gentle motor-sailing - in wind mainly 2-4 knots from all around the compass! One tiny bird spotted (storm petrel size and behaviour) but no other life seen.

I enjoyed sitting on the sugar scoop (stern) steps dangling my feet in the water for a bit - delicious!!

Papaya with breakfast and one of the few remaining Tasmanian 'Gala' apples this evening

More weatherfax and satellite pics downloading over the day - have been keeping my eye on a clump of convection not too far ahead - pleased to see it dissipating as we draw closer... Shan't be able to avoid passing through the ITCZ at 5N, with its often-nasty squalls, but, hopefully, it's not too wide so we should get through within a fairly short time.

By sunset, the sea was glassy smooth, except for small ripples on a long swell from the E.... so the few clouds were reflected in the surface with dramatic effect as the sun went down and they turned pinky/grey... contrasting with the indigo sea and silvery crescent moon.

DMG 122 n.ml ; Honolulu: 1889 n.ml. away

Alarm just went off to remind me to check our fuel level and usage over the last 24hr - roughly 45 litres, same as yesterday (It's nice having a sight-glass for a direct, accurate reading, swell apart!).... So plenty for a few more days yet... Just as well, with grib weather files and weatherfaxes showing little wind expected until getting nearer the Equator when it might reach 10-12 kt, increasing to NE 16kt as we head further N and reach the NE Trades beyond the ITCZ and on to Hawaii.

Question in an email today: "Aren't you headed a bit too far East for Honolulu?!"

Answer: "" NO - expecting quite strong NE winds , near to and Nth of Equator - so need correct positioning so as not to be headed by the apparent wind (which is always further forward than actual wind)....otherwise, we won't make Honolulu!

Written by : Mike

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