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10th June 08 - calm, sunny day - topped up fuel tanks from cans

Calm sunny day ended in a fabulous, spectacular sunset tonight - blood-orange colours contrasting with light turquoise blue-green calm sea, with bright, half-moon high over head & Southern Cross up in S. sky. Lightning flickered continually in towering clouds well away in the distance over land, off to starboard. A big fish jumped out of the sea, chasing after flying fish, a handsome black-chested booby flew around boat trying to roost in the rigging. Calm sea with surface ripples... long, slow, low SSE swell...

Having a welcome mug of tea with cheese and biscuits around five o'clock after finishing refuelling tanks from jerry cans - over five hours by time all cleared away and cockpit locker back together again...

Later, I stood in the bow listening to the water swishing past & watching three dolphins play around the boat, leaping and swerving together, clearly visible in the moonlight, under the stars. .... And people wonder why I want to keep sailing..?!!!

I've been studying the pilot chart for June - looks as though I might manage to cross the Gulf of Tehuantepec without strong winds if I'm very lucky, after leaving Quetzal (Guatemala) for Mexico in 3-4 days' time. Definite chance of getting a tropical storm until I reach Baja. The fair current I'm getting right now is such good news - it's giving me a good 'push' of over one knot - and I usually complain that all currents seem to be foul.. this is such a nice change! Might be lucky with light northerlies rather than strong ones up Baja - may have to head out on starboard tack for a bit and then tack back in (or keep tacking) to make San Francisco - depending on strength/direction of winds I find - all very vague until I get nearer there - "What you see is what you get!"...... Will try to keep tanks topped up ready for use in light winds later if needed. Certainly, I've no reservation about helping our speed to get north by using motor at present - the sooner I'm out of this hurricane/tropical storm area, the happier I'll be!! But it would also be lovely to get up to SF in time for the race - the thought of using no motor for three or more weeks is very appealing right now - the bonus of motor use is no power shortage, but the downside is that perpetual NOISE!! Sailing is so much more peaceful and enjoyable!

Written by : Mike

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