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14/15th Nov07 Days 9&10 on passage to S. Africa

Wed 14th Nov

Very pleasant, relaxed day but again, motor-sailing all day in around 6 knots of NE wind.

Ran the desalinator to fill water tank, had a lovely shower, washed clothes, etc - all to lots of music!!

Another beautiful sunset with delicate crescent moon hanging high above. Sky has been mainly clear all day and sea has been fairly calm. Forecast is for more of same light wind for next day or two... then stronger wind from S on Saturday and even stronger from N on Sunday. Had hoped to make landfall late Saturday, but have to be careful of S wind if crossing Agulhas current... will have to see how weather works out nearer time.

Noon distance to go: 451 n.ml.

Thurs 15th Nov

There's just not quite enough breeze to move me nicely W against strong S-going current.. I'm having to point really high, even helping our forward speed under full canvas & stays'l with the motor... The good news is that I probably needn't worry about crossing the Agulhas current - the cold front has moved off to the east and the forecast for Saturday is for more light winds, albeit from the S. I've given up hoping to make Saturday landfall - looks like Sunday, for sure, possibly very early, even if I have to motorsail gently most of the way - which with the forecast of light winds over next couple of days is probably what will happen - nothing up to around 15 knots expected until noon Saturday maybe... Will do some more fuel transfer this afternoon (from deep in cockpit locker)....

Another hot, bright & sunny day today out here!! Things are definitely tough on "Nereida" at present!!!

.....INCREDIBLE!!! Just had a VHF call from a singlehander on a boat ("Friendship" - Amel53) I'd heard on the Peri Peri Net this morning - but he's about 400 miles away!!! (He's at 22S, 37E, I'm at 28S, 38E) He'd heard me talking to a container ship a short while earlier (there's LOTS of shipping around) so thought he'd try calling me!! We chatted for ages...!! I couldn't believe his position initially!! All the more amazing since getting a connection to Winlink on the SSB (HF) radio seems to be so very difficult at the moment & I can't understand why... maybe it's the combination of the high pressure system and the heat..?

Noon distance to go: 320 n. ml.

Written by : Mike

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