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3/4/5 April Rough seas & grey skies.... but finally a hint of sun... no!

Thurs/Fri 3/4 April '08 Rough seas, grey sea & sky... but good speed under reefed sails!

We've been making excellent speed (7-8 knots of boatspeed!) in true winds of mainly ENE 15-22knots - but HEAVY rainsqualls on & off over Thursday night!!! Definitely makes life 'interesting'! I was really pleased I'd hoisted my tiny staysail earlier in the day and sorted out the sheets & leads (I'm using three - two on leeward side, because of shrouds interfering, one on windward side ready for a possible tack .. although that's unlikely,being in Trade wind conditions, you never know!) I eventually furled in my genoa almost completely and took two reefs in the mains'l - even so we were making well over 7 knots most of the night and today.

The sky has been overcast, with occasional rain, and the seas have been a bit rough - 3-4m swell from two different directions heaps up regularly to knock the boat about...!

Saturday morning the winds were still good and I actually thought we were about to get some nice sunshine in the morning... but it was a false alarm.. it's clouded over and we've had some more rain.

Made 155mls today and 150ml yesterday - ETA Trinidad is Friday if wind keeps up like this.

Written by : Mike

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