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6/7 April Days 2/3 of handsteering to Trinidad....

Sun/Mon 6/7th April '08

Midday Monday: Just tacked around as usual before heaving-to for rest from helming - wind was getting up - timed perfectly as a squall/strong winds ~25knots have just arrived! Took in 2nd mains'l reef I'd shaken out earlier and furled in a lot of genoa - tiny staysail still out - useful!!

Sunday was a continuation of overnight Saturday's rough seas breaking on deck and spraying the helming position - no flying fish to be found on deck these days - washed away pretty quickly!! Having trouble brushing my hair it's so full of salt from wettings! Things calmed down later on Sunday & overnight was fairly clear - lots of stars - Big Dipper getting higher now & can see Pole Star.

Very tiring - constantly having to helm, occasionally lock it off and it stays for just a short while - makes sail-handling pretty difficult.

Monday - started out fairly calm so shook out 2nd reef and unfurled genoa .... wind got up a little bit and we were making a fair speed (6.5kn) in about 15knots... until near midday when I like to heave to to make log entry and turn in for a sleep... lucky timing, as it turned out... (see above!)

Trying to do a continuous routine of 7-8hrs on & 4 hrs off for rest & food... made 101 mls 'distance made good' to noon yesterday but only 81mls today in less strong winds - until now!

To sleep now... food when I wake up before next sailing session.

Written by : Mike

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