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9 April: Day5 of no self-steering... FINALLY GOT CURRENT!!!

Wed 9th April Handsteering to Trinidad - visited by dolphins several times

So pleased got my Suunto ship's compass repaired over the New Year - in continual use now!!

Let out 2nd reef early a.m. in lighter winds, hoping I wouldn't regret it later ... but has been fine all day and tonight !

Sitting early on, helming, when a big wave dumped a load of 'green water' into cockpit & all over me - deluged! I was so thankful I'd not long before closed the aft cabin hatch firmly - the water would have all gone straight down - lucky for once!!

Lovely to see dolphins rushing towards us near midday - three jumped in unison - perfect timing! All very big ones. Later they came back again for a short while.

Weather has been a bit cloudy a.m. but clearer p.m.... and beautiful night sky - Southern Cross off port quarter and Big Dipper off starboard beam!

Decided to make morning one hour longer before heaving to - and then treated myself to a 'proper meal' - a fry-up of pork chop, onions, potatoes & sweetcorn... mmm! Then to sleep.....zzzzzz.

Evening 'shift', from 6pm onward to midnight has been amazing - we have had NO foul current - first time since before Fernando - and then soon after, I noticed we had fair current! With around 15-16kn of wind, we were making 7-7.5 kn boatspeed ... and often over 8 knots SOG!! Absolutely fabulous!!!!!

To sleep........

Written by : Mike

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