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Another day of good sailing - & good-sized seas!

Apart from a small shower just before sunrise today, it has been mainly sunny with just some cloud. Wind has continued at around 20-25 knots, occasionally more, from the NW-NNW! - distance run by the log over the 24 hrs midday to midday was an excellent 176 n.ml.! I gybed over on to port tack just before midday, having continued on starboard tack rather longer than originally intended to get a good wind angle - we're just managing make a course keeping us well off the Baja coast.

The AIS system is continuing to prove its worth - I just called up the 'Neapolis' to make sure they knew I was 15 miles S. of them - the captain assured me he'd already spotted me on his radar - & would stay well clear of me as they passed by in 1-2 hrs time - always good news! When I have the computer on, I run it within Nobeltec - which shows me exactly where it is in relation to me and the coast, also giving lots of useful info such as name, plus time & distance of closest approach. When I shut

down the laptop, I run the Nasa Marine standalone unit - which has a very useful alarm which goes off if a ship comes within a given range.

I spotted a lovely white tropic bird skimming the waves earlier, as well as the odd booby. We are rolling about quite a lot in fairly big seas - up to about 3m (10ft) easily - always difficult to judge size, but they're definitely big & I'm having to hold on very securely as I move about so as not to be thrown around! Every now & then, "Nereida" gets caught by a big wave and really heels over suddenly.

At 5.30 pm, we're 55 ml W of Cedros island and 85 ml NW of Turtle Bay - but I'm passing that by on my way directly to Chamela &/or Barra de Navidad, hoping to arrive Sat, maybe Sun...

Time to get some food organized.... the light is going fast...

Written by : Mike

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