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At anchor in peaceful, warm Bahia de Chamela, Mexico Sun04Mar07

What a wonderful fast passage I've had! 1100 n.ml. exactly (by the log) from Ensenada to here in under 7 days - excellent time! So lucky to have been able to sail all the way, until the last four hours as I approached close inshore overnight.

The wind picked up around midday, as it usually does with the land effect of the sea-breeze kicking in to reinforce the NW wind I already had. It then increased around sunset and I had to reef the main a bit but an hour later it began to die (land effect again - land-breeze killing any prevailing wind) and by 9pm I had to put on the motor. Just under 30 mls and 4 hours later I was in Chamela Bay getting ready to anchor under a full moon in a calm peaceful setting - not too many others at anchor

to have to avoid. Chart was completely out of place, so really glad to have my own lat/long info & previous knowledge as I came inshore in the dark...Asleep before 2 a.m. (4 a.m. local time)....

The friends on 'Shilling of Hamble' who I was hoping to catch on their way north are on their way here from Tenacatita, so I'll stay put for tonight and then probably move on to Barra de Navidad tomorrow.

About to have a swim & shower after breakfast and then tidy boat and relax - it's always nice to make landfall!!

Written by : Mike

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