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Busy preparing for return to boat from UK

The New Year has been no less busy than the fortnight around Christmas, trying to make sure I've not forgotten any of the many items on my 'to-do' list for Nereida as well as personal, medical and financial matters - all very relevant when you're proposing to be away sailing for months at a time - especially when you're expecting to be in a variety of countries on the 'other side of the world'!
I've been very occupied with organizing content for my new website (www.svnereida.com) , which is now up & running, although still some work to be done.  Bryan & Mike ("Nightwinds") have been kept busy over the holiday period also!!  Many thanks, guys!
With the London Boat Show starting on Friday, I've also been busy organizing myself for that.  I took some instruments/parts down to Raymarine in Portsmouth and discussed my problems with Paul Lawson, meeting with International Marketing Manager, Fiona Pankhurst, about possible sponsorship while there.  I  visited Nasa Marine with my Navtex unit - to be told it is working fine, so on my return I'll need to check out the antenna connection on the pushpit arch.  I've contacted my local Volvc-Penta dealer to order another injector and get a spares kit for the fuel lift pump - I'll be seeing them at the Show. I've been talking to David Neal at Jeppesen about my Nobeltec upgrade to Admiral 9.0 and the list of charts I'll be needing. I'm also talking to Musto about clothing they have offered to supply me with.  I'm trying to get hold of a Workshop Manual for my Fischer-Panda generator. I've sorted out some computer problems on a boat laptop. And I've been very busy all the while, in between other jobs, getting my mounds of personal papers under control (and reduced somewhat - into the bin with as much as I can!)

Written by : Mike

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