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Day 12 from Hobart - Royal albatross and Cape Petrel pairs with us still...

Friday 11th May 2012

I'm watching the wind strength as I write this - the SE-18 kt of yesterday became 15 overnight, then 11 kt most of today and has become 7-10 kt now.. as we headed NE in mainly SE winds.

A Low is coming this way - with strong winds 30-40kt expected in places over this weekend. Taupo Maritime Radio (helped by an intervention by Coast Radio Hobart, who heard me calling!) kindly gave me up-to-date weather info so I know what to expect in the sea area where I am now and will be over Sat and Sun. It all depends exactly where I am when - highly variable winds due to the Low being so very close by.

Royal albatross were joined by an occasional Buller's and a Sooty Shearwater today - another murky, grey day until sunset, when the clouds parted on the horizon to give a glimpse of the setting sun - nice!

Another day spent with an eye constantly on the wind and forecasts of weather (lots of weatherfaxes downloaded, as usual), but also with plenty of contact with people by radio - it's good to chat to them!

After a major diversion rounding Mernoo Bank to avoid its shallow areas in view of the swell running, hardly surprising that our daily DMG was only 92 n.ml. - not too bad!

Looks as though we shan't avoid 30 knots later on Saturday - not sure whether from SW or NW though - and there'll be gusts to higher, no doubt... Wind direction is off shore,so that's good.

Written by : Mike

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