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Day 16 from Tahiti to Hawaii - more good sailing in sunny weather ....PC/bluetoo

Monday 2nd July 2012

Before dawn .... Bright Venus like a spotlight in the E sky with Jupiter above and Aldebaran lined up below ... a great sight!

10am 'Bluetooth USB Adapter' in Device Manager:- "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" Just great! Meaning no possible use of Pactor modem bluetooth for sending/receiving emails and weather info... grrr!!! Had re-started computer because it was giving error messages when tried to connect to radio to download wxfax this morning... Device Manager showed problems... Updating driver and disabling/enablng doesn't help... Spent a good hour on the problem.... Means I have to get into back of modem (behind instrument panel at chart table) to make a hard connection with PC using USB cable.... Oh well ... and it seemed such a lovely day ... Think I'll get my breakfast first...after adjusting Fred...! At least there's blue sky and not a grey cloud in sight... We're sailing well in ENE5 wind.

2pm Found PC closing itself down - and when I re-booted it - the bluetooth icon was sitting there quite happily... So tried bluetooth radio connection - worked fine .... grrr!! Glad I hadn`t started taking instrument panel to pieces... So now I can relax !

Later: Still playing up - sometimes there, sometimes not... Keep having to re-boot it.. Need a solid, enclosed, salt-in-air-proof computer... with chip/motherboard that doesn't heat up and can take tropical temperatures without complaining...

DMG - Unbelievably - it's up again! ... 166 n.ml. over the 24hr period to 2pm! And it`s still not due to fair current - display tells me boat speed is even higher!!
Distance to Honolulu: 694 n.ml.

Computer apart, it's been another lovely sailing day - good wind, excellent speed .... and not too many bigger waves to knock us on our ears...!
And tonight is just beautiful - full moon - so bright it's lighting up clouds, sea and boat.. a time to sit out in the cockpit and simply enjoy the moment.

Written by : Mike

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