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Day 18 from Tahiti to Hawaii - grey clouds and some showers ....PC/bluetooth problems

Wednesday 4th July 2012

Greetings to my US friends - hope you've had a good Fourth July!

Posting here the lovely photo mentioned on Day 11 (27th June) which a friend took recently, showing Venus before dawn, with Jupiter above and Aldebaran below... Looking over River Derwent, just S of Hobart... (Courtesy John Gardner):

I forgot to mention yesterday all the flying fish I keep finding on deck each morning - unfortunately none quite big enough to cook...!

Overnight, and into today, grey rainclouds gathered ... None too dark or threatening.... mainly with wind gusting up to just over 20 kt and a quick shower, but sky hasn't been as sunny as I've got used to! In fact, overnight, I had to cover myself with the sleeping bag to keep warm...! Clouds have now cleared away so might be sunnier tomorrow - if so, solar panels will give up to 16A or so - excellent input, adding in to wind generator input to batteries.

Still making good speed - I've got used to seeing 7.3-7.6 kt SOG displayed and start looking for ways to increase it if speed drops for long! DMG today slightly down with overnight lesser wind and genoa furled in a bit due to gusty conditions .... so 'only' 157 n.ml. - still a respectable distance over the 24 hrs! Wind has been fairly consistent around 18kt from ENE. Windsteering is going well - Fred is happily in charge, steering a good course most of the time, with just the occasionsal tweaking needed as wind varies a little.... On a longer passage, wouldn't be needed so much but I want to get in as soon as possible, so a tighter course is required.

PC is continuing to test my patience ... Have missed several weatherfaxes because it has decided bluetooth needs to be disabled... Each time I re-boot, after uninstalling the bluetooth, the Com Port number shoots up - we've now reached 48!!! But at least the precious bluetooth icon reappears, giving radio communication again ...

We're making for Kona on the 'big island' of Hawaii to clear Customs and Quarantine and obtain US Cruising Permit - ETA is very early Friday morning... Have emailed 'Dept of Homeland Security' (what a title!!) to let them know in advance. Shouldn't take long to do paperwork, since airport is quite close and that's where officials are based. Then I'll make for Honolulu (140 ml away - about a day's sail) - either immediately or early Saturday, depending on paperwork, sleep and whether friend living close by is available to catch up with.

Written by : Mike

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