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Day 23 from Cape Town to Hobart - seas still very big but slowly calming with th

Wednesday 29th February 2012- 'Leap Day'!

Still very uncomfortable, with big 5-7m seas often knocking us about overnight and on until the afternoon, when things began to calm down as the wind died somewhat - from 25-30 kt to below 20kt.... but still the occasional big wave comes along, even now. It always takes far longer for the seas to calm down than the wind. I just spent quite a time in the head clearing up, after one particularly violent crash this morning sent two very full baskets and their contents leaping up from their shelf & then down onto the cabin sole - some items ending up on the far side of the main cabin.

I slept badly because of the rough seas and had a slight headache for a long time - partly also due, I think, to dehydration ... It's too easy not to drink enough in cold, rough conditions, despite bottles of water stowed in a variety of handy places...

Greg was still hove-to this morning in 30-35knot winds East of Kerguelen whereas I had been under way overnight in 25-30 knot winds... better to be 450 miles further N! He nearly lost the shaft, trying to fix the windsteering servopendulum in the 5-7m seas running. Having given himself a sore back, he'll wait to fix things in less difficult conditions - hopefully, later today or in the morning.

Again, this morning, I managed to make contact with the Pacific Seafarers Net - at 0310 GMT/8.10am LT, I spoke to Fred, W3ZU, in Florida - amazing! (I'm always pleased to hear that my signal is good and clear!) This afternoon, I finally managed a slow, poor, Sailmail connection - first for several days. Winlink has been far better for a time now - so long as I choose the right station, frequency and time of day! So today became a 'post' day - catching up on emails.

It was good to relax finally and watch the sunset scene ... a magnificent, great albatross flew close by on fixed wings, .... mainly white, with black tips to its underwings and dark upper wings with some white extending from its body. A Royal - no black on its tail. A couple of dark, White-chinned petrels flew close to the water and then soared up... Venus & Jupiter showing bright between lines of grey clouds, with a bright moon up above them.... And the ever-present swell, ... big waves, well-separated .. 8- 9 seconds apart to each crest.

DMG today: 139 n.ml. ETA Hobart - last week of March.

Written by : Mike

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