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Day 42 from Cape Town to Hobart - Hove-to all night and to midday

Tuesday 20th March 2012

Had been thinking of getting underway at 8am LT, but seas still big at 6am, and wind, although mainly around 24kt, gusted to 30kt in rainsquall. Decided to take my time, check weather info, have breakfast, clear up in galley...

On looking over weather forecasts (downloaded fresh set of localised gribs to help in decision-making), it seemed clear that I'd be better off staying around 40S and NOT going too fast - later on Thursday into Friday, another area of really big swell and strong winds is due to be all over the E part of the Gt Australian Bight area - making for another probable heaving-to situation overnight Thursday.... better NOT to be too far E at that time, to avoid 8-10m seas and stronger wind .... so I was NOT in a rush to get under way!

11:45am LT: Another rainsquall came through at just over 30 knots and seas are still well up - decided to have some coffee, relax, catch up on emails and make another big stew.... then I'll review things....

1.30 pm Under way - seas still big - big wind waves on top of the big swell - but wind settled down to SSW 20-22 kt. Beam reaching under sunny skies, but air cold - S wind bringing colder air with it... (Put the heater on for a time this evening.)

Later: Slowing down, unfurled some genoa.... Often tossed around by remaining swell... Outlook: even slower until later tonight ..

Enjoyed my stew tonight - had used lots of vegetables and tried it with corned beef instead of ham - seems to be fine! Also enjoyed some kudu biltong at lunchtime.

Greg on 'Alcidae' has incurred so much damage to his steel boat from gales down S that he's decided he must come in to Hobart to make repairs - Customs were contacted and have been very helpful to him. He's about 5 days behind me now.

DMG today: 44 n.ml. (drifted 11 n.ml. while hove-to, under way for just 6 1/2 hr). 1267 n.ml. to Hobart; 380 n.ml. S. of Esperance (Hi there, Sue!)

Today's report:

TIME: 2012/03/20 12:00 LAT: 40-11.65S LONG: 120-44.02E
CLOUDS: 40% BARO: 1022 TREND: 2

Written by : Mike

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