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Day 50 from Cape Town to Hobart - still very little wind..

Tuesday 27th March 2012

Today seemed to disappear today ...!

Some time spent downloading weather faxes and gribs - and then studying them, over and over - bad weather coming up is looking pretty nasty.... Then downloaded emails and answered several, chatted to John, VK4DBJ, on Pacific Seafarers Net when he took my report, talked again to Greg for a time and then later to Jeremy of 'Rosinante' and Mary of Smithton Radio - they're both from Tasmania.

Looked around on deck - found a thoroughly rusty small ring - hope it's the one I'd not found before, and not a third one come away from a batten end car pin. It's becoming quite common, unfortunately, for supposedly 316 stainless to turn into a rusting heap - the Chinese, and others, have a lot to answer for - quality control is clearly not high in their priorities!

Checked my fuel use - looking OK. so long as I'm extremely careful. Was able to turn motor off for a while - lovely peace and quiet! Decided that while it's relatively calm, with stormy weather coming in Friday and Saturday, I should empty the heater fuel tank and transfer the fuel to the main tank where it's needed. Managed not to spill too much, kept 10 l in reserve in a jerry can but maybe that should go into main tank as well.

I'm getting rather concerned about the weather forecast for the weekend.... 40-50 knot winds are likely where I'm expecting to be on Saturday, preceded by headwinds - NE and ENE winds will make heading E very difficult and probably force me to head further S than I want to go.

The night sky was superb soon after a lovely sunset - so many stars up there.. Being on deck at night in relatively calm conditions has definite bonuses - sparkling glints appear in the water as we disturb it on passing through and every so often, a large being glows gently - a squid, maybe, or a jellyfish - whatever it is, it's slowly passed by and the glowing yellow-green light fades away astern.

Time for rest and sleep, after food ...

DMG: 117 n.ml. SE Cape: 543 n.ml. Hobart (by more direct route, since stormy weather expected): 604 n.ml.

Written by : Mike

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