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Day 50 - mainly just relaxed, easy sailing under hot sun...!

Tuesday 14th December Day 50

Had an excellent day again today - almost totally free from excitement!

Have been mainly ambling along in hot sun, getting a few more small, but useful, jobs done... like fixing bungy on shackle holding preventer line & doing some laundry while sun can heat water and dry things quickly!

I was about to sit on deck late this afternoon to do some sewing of pennant at foot of stays'l, with needle and thread all ready, when we neared a big mass of

shower-clouds.... I suddenly realized we were headed W, not SSW, in very little wind - which had veered with the proximity of clouds and rain... Being under wind steering, we'd veered along with the wind! We were nearly stopped but gradually the wind picked up and eventually, after I'd skirted around the showers, it backed to its original direction. We're headed on 200T now, trying to go around the light-wind centre of the High.

Days are getting longer.... sunrise 5am, sunset 7pm (PST).... All because we're heading S AND into midsummer...!

Very little power from wind generator now - wih the wind less, not enough to get anything useful. So only solar power for time being.

24hr DMG to this morning: 121 n.ml.

At 1200 UTC: Easter Island 596 ml ENE; N.Z. (E. Cape) 3027 ml; Cape Horn WP 2730 ml SE; Mexico (Cabo San Lucas) 3213 ml.

Written by : Mike

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