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Day 9: A very slow, relaxed day -again!

Wind light most of the day - very pleasant & relaxed.  Sunny with some cloud but not a lot. No rainsqualls! Just mainsail & genoa.
Another day of ambling along - mostly at a mere 3-4 knots.

Saw a white-tailed tropic bird several times today & yesterday - I wonder if it nests in Kauai/Hawaii...?

Been looking over Pacific charts in more detail & checking over possible route from Marquesas to Australia -lots of possibilities
but will stay very flexible!

Also gradually getting around to having a look at radio connections, especially ground leads - means a lot of 'digging' for access
- so taking my time.  Am being heard, but not as well as I should be.  And Winlink connections have been impossible yesterday and
up to this evening - will see what happens when I try to send this...  

Finished last of fresh meat for dinner tonight - made a curry with last aubergine & courgette.

Lovely moonrise over fairly calm sea....

1800 GMT position: 11deg 18' N; 115deg 57' W .  24hr distance run by log: 126 n.ml.  (due to good wind yesterday afternoon & evening!)

Written by : Mike

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