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Day19 Friday13Apr07 - Across the Equator!

"Nereida" crossed into the S hemisphere today - HOT sun, calm sea, clear sky... & hardly a breath of wind - the Doldrums! So motor plus sails most of the day... couldn't even drift over the equator around 1.30pm PST - too light a wind from 'abaft the beam'.
A lovely, relaxing day to remember - I had a refreshing, long shower on deck & we had a little 'party' lunch/tea - and, yes, even Neptune/Poseidon had his share of 'champers' - as a true nereid, we could not but take care of him...!
Eventually turned off the motor as 11kn of NE wind came up after midnight - but have now (Sat 0530 PST) had to turn it on again .... boat doing well under 2kn!.. Oh well, back to sleep for an hour or so... At least current is fair again just now!

Friday 1800 GMT position: 00deg 15'N; 131deg 27'W . 24hr distance run by log: 92 n.ml.!! (Actually only 83 ml over ground - unhelpful Equatorial current at times.)

Written by : Mike

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