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Day7 to S.Africa - lovely, sunny, relaxed sailing.

Actually have a SSW-going current at the moment which is excellent news! (Boatspeed 4.9, SOG 6.1, in 12kn of E wind!) Picture-book Tradewind sailing all day today - bright, clear blue sky, wind astern, rolly (!!) but making my course with current helping - probably one of my last 'Tradewind'-type days on this passage & until S. Atlantic crossing in January. It actually feels warm, as well! It's calm enough to b able to have opened all the hatches to air the boat. Was sitting up in the sunny cockpit earlier, finishing the last delicious Reunion pineapple after Brie for lunch accompanied by lovely fresh coffee made with a newly-opened packet from Cairns. It's been a very pleasant and relaxing day - especially by contrast with yesterday!

Glad to say my genoa is functioning OK after yesterday's excitement although having to be careful not to unfurl it too much!! Fridge has a short somewhere (thermostat possibly??) so will not stay on - circuit breaker cuts power supply whenever I try to switch on, so having to plan my eating carefully to avoid wastage!!

Distance to Richards Bay at noon today: 683 n.ml.

Written by : Mike

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