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Days 23/24 Tues/Wed 17/18Apr07 - Landfall imminent!

Despite many attempts to connect & send or receive emails by radio - no joy...  Very occasionally, I'd get Sailmail (not Winlink) 'connection' - painfully slow due to poor signal strength. If connected, downloads are impressively fast! Only one station I find I can connect with - at San Luis Obispo.

Came up with 'ploy' to get Winlink position report uploaded via friendly PMBO (Winlink Station) - I'm hoping that's working OK. Uses satellite email (Inmarsat-C) which costs, so messages kept short & abbreviated!

Both days have been very pleasant, with Nereida sailing at quite good speed (5 - 6 knots) under blue skies with little clouds, mainly on beam reach in E winds, occasionally close-hauled when wind veered ESE.  Grey clouds disappeared, although I saw some lightning in clouds on the far W horizon on Tuesday evening around sunset - luckily, they kept well away!

The Equatorial current has kept up: 0.3-1.0 kn. Lovely to have such a consistent 'push' for such a long time!

Still have fresh fruit & vegetables - & a grapefruit I'm keeping for celebrating when I make landfall in Hanavave Bay on Fatu Hiva - Thursday a.m. in daylight, if I keep up my present speed.

Tues 1800GMT: 06 36'S, 136 11'W. 108mls by log (133ml actual). Distance to go to Fatu Hiva: 268ml.

Wed 1800GMT: 08 32'S, 137 26'W. 116mls run by log (138ml actual). Dist to go to Fatu Hiva:130ml.

Written by : Mike

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