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Finish of SHTP06 in Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii (Days 21&22)


SHTP06 Belt Buckle
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I never wrote about my Single-Handed TransPac Race finish around midnight 14/15th July - it was far too easy to enjoy being at anchor or on shore & no longer constantly on the radio (& shore Internet access was somewhat difficult)
I came in around the NE of Kauai island, Hawaii, just before midnight, local time, hoping to stay on a run all the way to the line just NE of the entrance to Hanalei Bay. I was in VHF contact with the Race Cttee from well out - which gave a great feeling of arriving. The wind shifted more & more but I persevered, eventually sailing most of the last part by the lee - so much so that I kept backing the main. Taking down the pole for the genoa was going to take me too long (I was very conscious of how close 'Second Chance' was to me on corrected time, having done many calculations over the last few days!!), so I eventually furled in the genoa and pulled in the main just to get me over the finish line asap - 0022LT!! Not exactly as a purist would want, but it worked!!
The 'welcome' party then came aboard with a Hawaiian lei to adorn my neck, Mai Tai, pineapple and lots of welcoming hugs & smiles. I eventually gladly started up the engine & gave over the helm to Jim of 'Haulback' (winner in 2002, 2nd in '04, who had just completed his 2 yr solo circumnavigation from Kauai) - who sounded reasonably competent to entrust it to, while I sorted out my anchor and pole! I have to admit it took them a time to get me to come down to earth (should I say water??), I was so happy to have finished!! (My distance sailed was over 2400ml- further than anyone else)
I was helped to anchor temporarily overnight in a safe spot in Hanalei Bay - and then all minds were on 'Ergo' coming in with a broken forestay - Bill made it safely over the line.
Wow! I was on such a 'high' I couldn't stop smiling!! Thank you, Lucie, Ben, Jim & Sylvia for making it such a lovely arrival! 

SHTP06 Navigation Award
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I had a good sleep and  then re-anchored closer inshore, near the rest of the race fleet, with the help of Jim ('Haulback') and Ben (RC)

The good news was that I had made the Trophy Party, held later that  same Saturday evening - so I kept to my deadline & didn't miss the party!! I became the proud recipient of a SSS TransPac belt buckle, a plaque and a lovely framed photo of 'Nereida' just after the start, about to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge.

I was also surprised, but delighted, to receive the Navigation Award - because I took a route different from everybody else, I wonder?? It seems appropriate that it will be held, with my name inscribed on it, at the Oakland Y.C. in Alameda who were so hospitable to me before the Race started.

A good evening was had by all!!

Hanalei Bay is a beautiful spot to anchor in & I soon became used to looking at 'Puff the Magic Dragon' every time I looked over to the hills fringing the long beach on the W side of the Bay - his head, eye, snout & body were very realistic! (Yes, it was composed here... & 'South Pacific' was filmed here.) 
Over the following week, my pulpit was repaired beautifully by Tony, the excellent local welder, and is probably stronger than it was before and I acquired a good length of cable to wire in my autopilot properly (I finally got my aft cabin back into use!). 
It was great to meet up every evening for 'cocktails' under the 'Tree' by the beach and watch the sunset. I really relaxed and enjoyed being in company - faces were put to the voices I had come to know so well over the previous 3 weeks!

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Written by : Mike

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