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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all reading this!!
Even over the holiday period, progress has been made in important areas... I've been having discussions with Selden who have very kindly agreed to send replacement fittings from Sweden for the complete re-rigging to be carried out at the Royal Cape Y.C. in Cape Town in January, once "Nereida" arrives there from Richards Bay. The rigging is now over ten years old and I felt it best to replace it whilst in S. Africa and before my Atlantic crossing.
The ship's compass, taken back to London for repair from South Africa, has now been replaced with a new one by Suunto in Finland. They have been very prompt & helpful in dealing with it in a short time over the holiday period.
I have also bought a number of miscellaneous items for the boat, ready for my return in the New Year when I expect to be kept busy for several days before looking for a 'weather window' to head south towards Cape Town.

Written by : Mike

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