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I just lost a day!

Just to let you know I (unwittingly!) crossed the date line on my way to Tonga (Nieafu) today - thought it was UTC-11 on 5th June, but seems it's UTC+13 on 6th June!! So I'm now ahead of you all (or most of you!!) ...and I just lost the afternoon/evening of Tuesday & the morning of Wednesday.....
Had a lovely sail here from Niue in nice following winds, making excellent time to arrive early this morning and then 'ambled' under sail for as long as possible around the north and west of Vava'u to get here in between light showers and pick up a buoy off the Vava'u Y.C. at 2.30pm - no, sorry... 3.30pm local time!! Had a friend from Niue help me pick up buoy and will spend time this evening with L.A. couple from 'Lazybones' (introduced by Scott of Cal Y.C.). Will do inbound clearance with Customs
in the morning - no, I've not set foot on shore as yet...!! Seems like a nice place... counted over 50 yachts here in the very protected harbour!!
Bye for now.....!

Written by : Mike

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