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Leaving Ushuaia for Harberton, past Puerto Williams

Cleared out of Ushuaia yesterday - but promptly had a major problem whien raised the mainsail - all the reef lines in the new boom sent ready from Sweden were too small...!!!  UNbelievable!!  What a pain.....

Spent rest of day changing lines and readying boat in freezing cold - and it snowed!!

Decided not to move until early morning, so left soon after 8.30am (was difficult after an evening of socializing with Michael of 'Drina' and his crew - Alex made a nice hot stew - very welcome!  No wind most of today, so motored down the Beagle Channel away from snowy Ushuaia, past Puerto Williamd and on to lovely Puerto Harberton, the oldest (existing) estancia (ranch) on Tierra del Fuego,  where I picked up a buoy and was brought ashore in a 'penguin-viewing ' rigid inflatable.

...so just a quick report - with mainly photos...!

Leaving snowy Ushuaia this morning...    on past Puerto Williams..... lots of life on a small islet, ...... Estancia buildings at Puerto Harberton...... "Nereida" moored in Pto. Harberton...


Written by : Mike

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