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Lovely sunshine, interesting, graceful waterbirds, but little progress made with boat jobs

Things have been VERY NEGATIVE with very little progress over last few days on any front, except engine (starter circuit, cracked alternator bracket and engine mounts now all OK)- no parts or equipment have arrived, although I have spent a time sorting out an order for paper charts. The fridge is no longer working because of a slow leak in an aluminium pipe which is not repairable. So I spent an age contacting Sweden (Najad) & websites & an agent in San Francisco - finally finding someone who can possibly send the correct replacement pipe & evaporator on Monday. Spent hours trying to resolve a problem I thought I had with Skype (I could hear but wasn't being heard...). Biked half hour each way to Radio Shack to buy a new headset which turned out to be unnecessary. Finally got Skype working after several hrs of frustrating effort.....!
Gooseneck toggle not being being dealt until Monday also - the guy concerned had a car transmission problem so nothing happened on Friday. Feeling pretty frustrated at moment! Only positive news from Saturday is that I refilled two empty propane tanks and filled the empty water tank!!
Busy today (Sunday) with writing more for website and also with chasing wires, ready for getting help with that - also on Monday... Hopefully, things will begin to happen next week, but I need to make several phone calls to the UK over Sunday night to chase things up... Time is disappearing....

Written by : Mike

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