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Message from Jeanne

May 11, 2013


This is Jak Mang writing for Jeanne. I occasionally relay blog posts that do not arrive correctly and post photographs.

I received a radio-telephone patch tonight from Jeanne through a HAM operator in Riverside, California.   It was very difficult to understand Jeanne over the patch.  She has apparently had some equipment problem that will keep her from sending email or blog updates.  This is most likely an issue with her Pactor modem that digitizes text over the SSB or HAM radio frequencies.  She said that she will be attempting to forward updates through some other channels every two or three days. When I asked if there were any other problems, she said things were well, but that she had no wind.

I will pass along messages as I get them. Please rest assured that she is currently having no major difficulties.


Written by : Mike

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