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Mon 11thfeb 08 Unable to move - steel and canvas work still incomplete

Mon 11th Feb 2008

Today the riggers came - a rivet on inside either side of the boom was catching on the reefing lines - as soon as they were replaced with a slightly shorter rivet, both 1st & 2nd reefing lines were running freely - problem solved! .....sigh of relief!!
Because I was obviously staying on another day at least, kind local yacht club member Peter was able to take my propane tanks in for refill - one was filled OK, the other had a faulty valve so they couldn't deal with it. Means I have two full tanks (already had a spare) & will see whether the faulty one can be refilled in the Caribbean.
Kim & Phil (on 'Avocet' ) kindly shopped for me (I'd gone to see Kim about sprouting beans.. useful for long passages)- they shopped in nearby Vishhoek whilst the metalworkers were getting on with my pole support on the mast - riveting took a time (and I got smothered in sticky Duralac!), but finally finished just after 5.30 pm... Dealing with the ball bearings in the pole support cars proved interesting - turned out to be quite a lengthy, convoluted exercise but ended OK so new pole support car is installed on mast track as well as original one.
Cover for new pole was delivered - too long by a good foot!...adjusted cover not back by end of day - tomorrow??....
Decided to go for fish & chip supper with boat friends-still lots of clearing up to do but felt that I needed a break (& a meal!) after today's hassle. Will have to see whether leaving here tomorrow is realistic - lots still to do both on deck ..... & below - where chaos reigns! (Repaired double jammer still to be fitted, cockpit sole & drains still to be cleaned, seine lines to be run between mast steps & shrouds to avoid halyards catching...)
Wind is presently S/SSW 4 (~ 15 knots)
Will now see whether I can connect to send this .. Internet connection has not been good for several days....

Written by : Mike

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