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Monday 2nd August Beating north against the NE Trades

Monday 2nd August (Day 4 to Pt Townsend)

Well, the red-footed booby stayed overnight Friday and put in a couple of appearances on Saturday - but nothing more has been seen of it - we must be too far from its usual haunts now. I did catch sight of one flying fish early today but have seen no other wildlife.... a noticeable lack of that.

Weather has been mainly pleasantly sunny and warm, although beating into wind and waves as we head north means it's invariably 'bumpy' which, together with being heeled over all the time, makes for difficult moving around down below. We've had the occasional squally raincloud but not often over the last couple of days. Winds look set to be good for the next day or so (presently E5, at 18 knots) but likely to get light by Thursday and stay that way for several days as pressure increases and we get close to the Pacific High, so I'll probably be using the 'iron sail' a bit then, to make faster progress.

It's been fairly relaxing on board and I've been catching up on both sleep and emails, while also giving thought to the boat repairs and work needed when we make landfall .... Every day, I check into the Pacific Seafarers' Net, giving my position and weather, and I've also been taking part in the Hawaiian Afternoon Net - an excuse to chat to people! Radio use has become an important part of my daily routine, keeping me in contact with people - either by voice or for emails (and weather).

Later (in the dark night): Well, I should have known it would happen - it's been far too relaxing & pleasant a day today.... Just got hit by a major squall as we passed under a dark raincloud... Boat well heeled over, wind steering suddenly having problems coping, so sails flapping as we head up and apparent wind hits 30 knots.... As I set to, winching in the genoa, seas crashed over the decks & canopy and I gasped as cold water landed on my back & head..... No, I hadn't thought to put on a jacket as I went up on deck.... we're still almost in the warm Tropics, at 30 N.... but night-time seawater showers in strong wind are definitely chilly and I was glad to change into dry clothing on getting back down below soon after, when things had calmed down again....

24hr noon-to-noon runs (DMG):

Sat: 126 n.ml. Sun: 132 n.ml. Mon: 137 n.ml.

Written by : Mike

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