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Another good night's sleep - it definitely helps having the AIS** with a warning zone - means I can sleep for longer periods than previously, especially now that the autopilot doesn't keep going down as it did last time I came down this way. (A stronger system was installed in Vancouver 16 mths ago) Saves putting on the radar so often - which saves on battery power.

**(Automatic Identification System - IMO has made obligatory for ships over 300 tons and, I believe, for all passenger-carrying vessels)

My first flying fish!! Picked a good-sized one off the deck early this morning - big enough to cook for lunch. Doing well on seafood so far!

Wind got up again overnight and this morning - easily force 6, getting up to force 7 at times, with corresponding increase in seas, but "Nereida" is coping well, as usual.

Off to wash up - sink full of dirty dishes etc is calling...

(Later) My InmarsatC terminal seems to have no power - haven't yet got around to investigating. Didn't turn it on while in SD - but there'd been no problem with it previously - should have thought about it, with all the re-wiring at the chart table, & checked it before leaving. Means I don't get easy downloads of the ocean forecast so have to 'order it up' on Winlink or Sailmail.

7pm.... Big tanker was predicted to be within 2 cables when several mls off - most of the time only showed his MMSI no and no other details whatsoever, so was difficult to call him.. I couldn't turn more to starboard and he kept not responding on VHF so I didn't want to turn to port without knowing his intentions... Not funny in these conditions in the dark!! I put nav lights and deck light on to shine on sails & be more visible - he eventually said he'd 'keep an eye on me' - thank you very much!!

Couldn't see him until he was really close - he finally passed by less than half a mile away.

It feels as though it might be getting a touch warmer - but, as yet, I'm still in my fleeces. I've really appreciated the Musto underlayer - really comfortable next to the skin - and the warm fleecy trousers and top have been really comfortable as well. All very thoughtfully designed.

Well, it's off for food and rest - still lots of ships about so may not get a lot of sleep tonight. I've one to starboard and a tanker ahead coming north due to pass very close by.... I hope he keeps clear - or at least responds to my call when I check to see he knows I'm here! (I see their transmissions, but they have no way, apart from their radar, of seeing me)

Written by : Mike

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