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Overnight to Isla Grande & Zihuatanejo

As expected, mostly a motoring passage off the coast, although had a very nice sail over the afternoon once the sea-breeze kicked in until just before sunset.
Met up with 'Jade' & 'Wyntersea' in Las Hadas marina, Manzanillo, as expected - interesting architecture at Las Hadas - looks like an Arabic village tumbling down the steep hillside.
Found 'Impossible' nearby at anchor (Stan & Linda + son & daughter) - also making for Zihuatanejo - found thought of Guitar Festival attractive when I mentioned it to them in Barra!
Saw several turtles swimming in the sea nearby over the day.
Had a bit of a worry around 9pm when the coast looked rather too close for comfort - it was very nice to be able to run my radar and chartplotter screens side by side on my new Raymarine C70 - the Mexican charts are so out of position compared to my GPS position ... depth seemed to be disappearing where rocks were marked off a headland, so headed out to sea rather abruptly to be safe...!!

Some sailing but mostly motor-sailing or motoring with just main up to reduce rolling in slight swell. Manageed to forget to check fuel.. so ran out on starboard tank - had to bleed engine - used little electric pump in fuel feed line to speed up process. Lots of water & crud in fuel filter sight glass to be removed. Got to Isla Grande by 5.30pm - in time for swim & shower off deserted N beach. Very pleasant evening.

Balmar alternator bracket loose - belt taken off until get to Zihuatanejo to try to fix more solidly. Running watermaker on way. Bilge pump intake found to be clogged - cleaned. Engine compartment blower fell off yesterday..! Something else to be dealt with in Zihuat... plenty to do!
Should arrive Zihuatanejo Bay shortly, to anchor & prepare boat for Marquesas passage.

Written by : Mike

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