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RTW Day 112 - close to passing Capes of Good Hope/Agulhas - Cold Front approaches with good wind, so

Sunday 10th February, 2013

6pm Almost a repeat of yesterday's weather, with cloud giving way to bright sunshine for a few pleasant hours from midday on, but the approaching Cold Front brought fog and drizzle by 5pm, the big difference being that we've constantly had good wind, so we've maintained a decent speed all through the night and today.

The big dilemma has been whether to head further S or not. Weather to S of Africa is getting quite complicated and not being kind just now! The Atlantic high pressure area has gone sausage-shaped and is forecast to split into bits, with one drifting SE - ending up right across our route - possibly giving fairly strong headwinds from a 'squash' zone due to a nearby small Low... but then, after some very light winds, a typically deep Low, with very strong winds, is expected to pass by, followed by some very large swell (7-8m /25ft) - so I've decided to keep heading East and not tempt Providence by going any further S.... On the one hand, we might wallow in calms for a bit, on the other, maybe have to heave to if caught in very strong conditions... 'You takes your pick'!!

Looks as though the compass is fine - had a quick reply on that - and the rudder reference unit looks dead but I'll open it to look inside to see if wires are loose or disconnected there - when it's calmer! Seas have been quite rough today with mainly F5 wind, NNW-NW 20kt, but F6 overnight and earlier today, although has died right down late tonight.

Connections for emailing have been elusive again today ... better overnight...

24hr DMG at midnight local time (2300GMT): 136 n.ml. (Excellent wind from yesterday midnight until gone midday today, when it slowly began to die down as Front passed over - very light wind at midnight tonight!) Cape Agulhas: 617 n.ml. Cape of Good Hope: 636 n.ml. .. Had hoped to be passing due S of the Capes today, but that didn't happen ... My waypoint, due S of C. Agulhas, is still 111 n.ml. away.... maybe late/overnight tomorrow, if the wind keeps up - which it does NOT look like doing - so might pass Good Hope very late tomorrow but not Agulhas until Tuesday .... maybe not until well into Tuesday morning if light winds persist... (Cape of Good Hope is at 018:30E and Cape Agulhas is at 020:00E) Position at 2300GMT: 44:55S, 017:23E.

For my positions, see:
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Written by : Mike

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