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RTW Day 140 - wind slowly picke up - cooling water problem still

Sunday 10th March 2013

6.15am Wind only a hint of WNW, less than 5 kt... SOG only 0.8kt - still just drifting... Patchy fog in calm conditions around dawn.... but managed to keep us heading roughly east. Ran engine in hope that cooling wter would be seen coming from exhaust in side of hull - but no water seen - damn! While engine was running, looked into seawater filter holder - no sign of water passing through there -bad news since means new impellor isn't getting water up from seacock inlet and into heat exchanger still... so either the pipework is blocked or the new impellor has already broken down...

Checked anti-siphon loop - all looks OK there, so far as can be told... shares air vent high up with genset which is working fine, so presume not a problem there. Looks as though I'll have to check out the impellor again, with all the difficulties of access that involves ... damn again... We're not a happy bunny just now.... feeling I could do without this additional problem - on top of poor progess we've made over last two weeks .... so often slowed down, with light (or no) wind!!!

Made quick contact with Pacific Seafarers & also with US earlier, on radio - W coast 'long path' was working fine, but 'short path' from E coast not so good, so will try at an earlier time tomorrow.

Midday Feels like early morning ... have been'burning the candle at both ends recently' - so need more sleep but have been looking over Yanmar workshop manual & engine since breakfast and also downloaded emails etc - connection not too slow this morning - a nice change!
Had a good look at cooling circuit pipework - not easy to check for bits of impellor and wonder if I should lower the seawater filter to help input of seawater - it's very high at present so water not easily brought into system.
At least wind has now increased from WNW and we're now making 3.6kt E. Pressure still up at 1031 hPa and sky is overcast.
Smaller albatross came by - dark grey wings and back and light yellow bill - possibly a Shy but didn't see underwings to confirm... Decided more sleep was urgent - so off to bunk...

6pm Had over two hours' sleep earlier - feeling better but need a good meal! 1245Z (5:45pm) weatherfax from Wiluna wasn't transmitted - seems odd - wonder if changed timing? Wind still light but we're making way at close on 4 kt - so at least we're moving. Very dull overcast sky - and still fairly calm sea - was intending getting to work on engine while easier in far less swell than usual, but looks as though that's on hold until tomorrow - nearly dark here now.

11pm About to get to bunk - with alarm set for weatherfax download at 1915Z / 12:15amLT and then, after more sleep, up at 0115Z for wind, course & sail trim check, emailing and brief US radio contacts.

Have decided definitely need to lower seawater filter holder in engine compartment to sea level and check waterflow through to impellor when take cover off tomorrow to see if impellor still OK or not - long discussion on 40m with Eric and others on frequency! Looks like simplest way forward in troubleshooting problem.... Will definitely show if any blockage on seacock side of seawater pump. Had a long radio chat session tonight with Peter in Jo'burg, Seattle/San Diego and several other S African contacts - Sunday evening relaxation!

Still sailing gently at 4kt on course in about 10kt or so of WNW wind... goose-winged. 'Smiley' chart plotter gives ETA at waypoint S of Tasmania as 1st April - almost exactly the same timing as last year, when I made landfall on 2nd April in Hobart from Cape Town.... but that assumes I can keep going, with no diversions to N to avoid nasty weather and no lengthy heaving-to in stormy weather (both likely when crossing the Gt Australian Bight towards Tasmania) nor any more drifting around in calms.

DMG: 36 n.ml - what a depressingly bad day's run! C.Agulhas: 2610 n.ml.; C.Leeuwin WP: 1670 n.ml. Ile Kerguelen: 391 n.ml. (213T) Ile St Paul: 308 n.ml. (012T); Ile Amsterdam: 359 n.ml. (011T)
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Written by : Mike

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