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RTW Day 206: South Pacific - Another Lovely Day of Sailing

Wednesday 15th May 2013
9:30 am   Hot bright sunny! Tony's Net (Aus-NZ) just finished. 30 percent clouds.
11:25 am   On 10 meters for the last one and a half hours - propagation not got enough for US but sufficient for Australia and NZ. Slowed down to 4.5kt, cloud up at 40 percent but so far none of the expected rain clouds or squalls.
1 pm   Satellite pictures downloaded so it is clear ahead - the cloud mass S of the equator has disappeared - 10 percent cloud now - great! I am delighted to be avoiding all of the squalls I was expecting. Our course is also good at NNE with a consistent ESE winds.
3:30 pm   Pacific Seafarers' Net - Randy, KH6RC, passed on messages from Barbara and Ian about my arrival in Victoria.
A lovely evening with good sailing continuing but the wind is definitely dying, the speed is down to 3.8kt. The wind is tending to back more toward the E from ESE giving a more N course. I received a report that my AIS beacon was copied on May 15th by a listening station in Monterey, California in what must have been a miracle of propagation and ideal ionospheric conditions. These signals are VHF and normally line of sight. The previous AIS transmission received at that location  from the Nereida, was when I was southbound on the outward leg and much closer to the coast.
24hr DMG to 2300GMT: 121 n.ml. Strait of Juan de Fuca: 4101 n.ml.
From KC2IOV/MM By HF radio. Copied by Jim, WB2REM Port St. Lucie, FL


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Written by : Mike

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