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RTW Day 217: N. Pacific: Passing 200n.ml W of Johnston Atoll

Sunday 26th May 2013     

Happy Bank Holiday and Memorial Day To U.K. and USA Friends!

Overnight, flying fish on side-deck - small area on its belly glowed in the dark!

9am    Wind veered to E, so able to free off and make N course at better speed.

11:30am   Rain clouds around - no sooner partly-furled in genoa than wind dropped, speed down to 2.5kt, so had to unfurl genoa and trim sail again. Later, back on course in E wind, speed 5.4kt bright sun.

1:30pm A lot of large cumulus around again. Had just finished spending a long time clearing up a major spillage of detergent powder when realized wind was up - we were bouncing around and heeling a lot. Genoa in  .... adjusted course ... so finally turned on autopilot for a short while in gusty and changeable conditions.

Sunset   Large dark grey raincloud downwind - it had missed us! Clouds were clearing away ahead as the sunset light faded. Just above the W horizon, looked for the usual trio of planets to show: bright Venus was below and to the right of Jupiter, but was closer than last night. Mercury was just above Jupiter and also to its right - about twice as far away as Venus, all three forming a clear triangle, not quite equilateral.

24hr DMG to 2300GMT: 107n.ml. Strait of Juan de Fuca: 3063n.ml.; Midway Island: 774n.ml. (343T); Johnston Atoll: 212n.ml. (076T); Hawaii: 1000n.ml (071T)

From: KC2IOV/MM by HF radio. Copied by Jim, WB2REM, Port St. Lucie, FL


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Written by : Mike

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