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RTW Day 219: N. Pacific: Running Backstay Comes Loose

Tuesday 28th May 2013

Started the 6:30am download of satellite photo and weather faxes. Went on deck to adjust course and trim sails - heard an odd sound ... saw running backstay had come loose. Turned out that the shackle holding the block to the metal eye at the end of the stay was broken. Found a similar strong shackle in my spares and replaced it so the backstay was put back in place and tensioned - necessary, since we will be on starboard tack a lot on the way N. It's been a bright day but with lots of cloud and seas quite high. Morning speed was good at 6.4kt. Winds E15kt, abating a little this afternoon - spent quite a time 'tweaking' to maximize speed and course as the wind lessened.

On studying weather faxes, saw the wind over the next few days is set to turn to NE - bad news, since it means best course will be NNW-NW as we pass through the Hawaiian Island chain. Spent some time checking on possible course and looking on the plotter.This evening finally decided
needed to change the waypoint being headed to for one further W with lots of clear water to W and N for manoeuvring as we pass through the channel.

So we're now heading on 344T to a point W of Lisianski Island - under autopilot to maintain accurate course overnight as the wind backs possibly. Having freed off the wind, seas speed went up to 5.5kt from 4.0kt.

Too much cloud in W at sunset again to see planets low down.

24hr DMG to 2300GMT: 155n.ml. Strait of Juan de Fuca: 2837n.ml.; Midway Island: 523n.ml. (332T); Kauai: 738n.ml. (081T); Hawaii: 740n.ml (090T)

From: KC2IOV/MM by HF radio. Copied by Jim, WB2REM, Port St. Lucie, FL


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Written by : Mike

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