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RTW Day 226: N. Pacific: Rolling About - Good Downwind Sailing

Tuesday 4th June 2013
4:30am   A shipped passed close by soon after dawn - the 'Ermoupolis' W-bound for Japan. Passed a half mile ahead after VHF radio contact. AIS alarm had alerted me to its presence when one hour away.

11am    Wind SSW. Boat speed is over 6.0kt now from 3.5kt at dawn with increased wind. Rolling a lot in following seas, with plenty of white horses showing wind strength is F4-5 (15-18kt). Nice to be sailing well for a change, despite strong motion at times. Course is now 060T - S of planned course - weather faxes show probable headwinds if we're too far N in 2 days' time, so we're heading more E.

Early afternoon - Long session with Jim, WB2REM dealing emails and log report. He's spending a lot of time very kindly helping me each day on 15m (and on 20m later).

9:30pm   Made a beef, spinach and onion curry, with mango and lime pickles on the side - a nice change and enough for tomorrow as well.  Soon sailing well downwind.

Sunset was 6:30pm after a warm sunny day with partial thin cloud cover. Making ENE course in SSW wind and sea.  Had several sociable radio contacts over the day.

24hr DMG to 2300GMT: 67n.ml. Strait of Juan de Fuca: 2483n.ml. (089T); Midway Island: 227n.ml. (253T);  San Francisco 2544n.ml (065T)

From: KC2IOV/MM by HF radio. Transcribed by Jim, WB2REM, Port St. Lucie, FL via Ham Radio for posting.


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Written by : Mike

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