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RTW Day 235: N. Pacific: Good Speed this Morning - Around 7kt for a Time

Thursday 13th of June 2013

Time Zone is GMT -11 hrs  - Change of Clock at 165W

7:30am    Adjusting course as weather faxes download. A Laysan albatross lazily quarters the sea near by on fixed winds - never a single windbeat as it glides close to ruffled surface, sometimes disappearing momentarily, hidden by the slight swell.

Had breakfast mango juice spill all over cabin sole in the galley. Sails were backed due to my forgetting to lash the wheel after coming off the auto pilot and putting Fred back in charge.  We heeled the other way...  Stove is no longer gimballed... Big clean-up needed!

Total overcast all day with fine drizzle by nightfall - everything wet.  Hot soup was welcome again!

Wind veered slowly, becoming SE by evening.  Speed was 6-7kt mid-morning, but by mid-afternoon and evening, back down to 5kt or less.

Pressure display disappeared, to join temperature and humidity display - so no electronics weather data available now.  Aneroid barometer not giving sensible reading either.

A pleasant sail today, in smoother seas - was good to see a descent speed for a while and a correspondingly good 24hr DMG 127n.ml.

24hr DMG to 2300GMT: 127n.ml. Strait of Juan de Fuca: 1834n.ml. (056T); Midway Island: 860n.ml. (233T);  San Francisco 1965n.ml (077T)

From: KC2IOV/MM by HF radio. Transcribed by Jim, WB2REM, Port St. Lucie, FL via Ham Radio for posting.


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Written by : Mike

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