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RTW Day 239: N. Pacific: Low Passes by - Wind Down During the Morning

Monday 17th June 2013    Another Clock Change: GMT-10

2:30am   On deck in heavy rain and strong winds (SSE 5 - 20kt) to reduced genoa and furl away staysail in dark - boat making up to 8kt. Heeling a lot in big seas knocking us around. Even after reduced canvas, still making around 7kt.

6am Less wind and boat speed down, so unfurled some genoa. Daylight - new time zone: GMT -10hr.

8am    Seas big at 3-4m every 6 seconds. Rain stopped but fog not far off. Unfurled full genoa - wind dropped more and veered to S.
10am   Wind SSW 2-3 (5-8kt) - very light, boat speed down to 3.2kt. Downloading weatherfaxes. Gybed mainsail after lowering and stowing the pole. Seas still big and close together. Lost my O'Neill 'beanie' hat (a Santa Cruz memento) - was flicked off my head by the foot of the genoa while I was crouched in the bow, dealing with line, preparing to stow the pole.  Goose winged the genoa off the pole for a time.

11am   Boat speed down to under 3kt. Laysan albatross passing by. Rolling a lot in big seas. Several ships seen over the day all passing well off, heading E.

1pm   Fog finally lifted. Sun seen through break in grey clouds first and last time today. Genoa sheeted to starboard as wind veered to SW. Boat speed 3.5kt.
4pm   Wind WSW, speed 4.5kt. Fred put in charge. Boat feels cold so heater is on.

10pm   Boat speed 5-6 kt - has been slowly increasing as Low towards our W moves N. Read quite a lot this afternoon. Writing log report ready for radio sked soon as I wait for current weatherfaxes to finish downloading.

24hr DMG to 2300GMT: 155n.ml. Strait of Juan de Fuca: 1328n.ml. (069T); Victoria 1388;  San Francisco 1586n.ml

From: KC2IOV/MM by HF radio. Transcribed by Jim, WB2REM, Lawrenceville, NJ via Ham Radio for posting.


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Written by : Mike

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