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RTW Day 250: N. Pacific: Slow Progress E as Wind Backs from Overnight SSE

Friday 28th June 2013

930 am   Breakfast in between radio sessions at 8 am (relaying yesterday’s blog report) and 10 am (sked with 2 – 3 other boats) – followed by download of several weather faxes from 10:30 until past midday.  Beginning “A Voyage for Mad Men” about first round the world single-handed race – “Golden Globe” in 1968.

Making just over 4 kt and slowly being set further north of planned course as light wind backs from SE to ESE.  Under 500 n.ml. to Juan de Fuca Strait but unable to lay the direct course.

Overcast sky is bright enough for solar panels to input 6 – 7A.  Seas are well down – smooth sailing – gently rocking.

1130 am   In present calm conditions have tackled an unpleasant job I’ve been avoiding – dealing with last of old (sprouting) onions. Brighter now – hint of sun through overcast.

1 pm   Finally finished with onions.  Course N by E speed 3.5 kt – time to change tack ...?

140 pm   NO!  Gybed around ... best we could do was SSW, speed 1.3 kt.  Gybed back onto starboard tack:  NE by E speed 4.2 kt – definitely better!

Gave cargo vessel “African Swan” a shock when on port tack – we were suddenly on collision course with 60 minutes to collision.  They’re headed W to Lanshan (China?).

Time for lunch – hot mug of soup followed by Danish Blue cheese on crackers while I look over weather faxes and read a bit.

245 pm   Course N by W (speed 2 kt)! Gybed again!  By 3 pm: Course S by E speed 2 kt.

6 pm   Had to tack yet again – was heading S by W at 3 kt ... now heading NE at 4 kt.  Damp, misty, drizzling as light fades slowly.

Weather faxes are giving SSE – SE over Saturday and Sunday (headwinds) and showing Low dissipated by Tuesday leaving variable light winds ... So several more difficult days ahead.

24hr DMG to 2300GMT: 101n.ml. Strait of Juan de Fuca: 487n.ml. (092T); Victoria: 545n.ml.

From: KC2IOV/MM by HF radio. Transcribed by Rick, VE7TK, Victoria, BC via Ham Radio for posting


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Written by : Mike

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