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SA Report 13 - getting ready to fly to UK

More hard-working, productive days – among other things, working on stowage behind saloon settees – took quite a time, but had to think it all through carefully so as to get it right.  Finally completed just before left for airport, having finally managed to arrange for the last 3 pieces of perspex to be bent – with that done, it was a fairly simple matter (with electtric drill!) to screw them into place beneath the hinged  opening sections to finish it all, after a bit of adjustment...  It looks good and works well...! 

False Bay Y.C. member Bryne has been really helpful, chasing around trying to help me get everything done.   Forepeak is looking far more tidy and shipshape now after several days working on it and I’m far happier with the changed stowage of several  important items.   Bryne collected 'bent' perspex from Paarden Eiland for me but still no joy on getting US propane bottles filled, despite lots of chasing around... Sean (v.helpful!), manager at Sun Valley Midas store, rang to say he'd located a replacement decklight which Eileen picked up for me the next day.

 In the heat of last Sunday afternoon, I shared some mango juice on board "Nereida" with Laura D. as we had a brief chat during her short visit to False Bay:

Eileen drove us both  into Royal Cape Y.C. for their Commodore’s Wife’s Dinner in November – basically an excuse for ‘Team Lobelia’ to get together for a fun “girls’ evening”– which it definitely was... lots of laughter and dancing!!  Click here to see photos.   

Before the Dinner, I found myself having a lengthy chat with Nick Leggatt:
who is taking part in the Double-Handed Race (GOR) with girl friend Phillippa Hutton-Squire on ‘Phesheya-Racing’:
They had arrived in Cape Town early in November  and left on their next leg to Wellington, N.Z., on 27th Nov – two days later than planned, with nasty weather (and one of the boats needing time to repair some equipment) having delayed the start.   I  went to see him and his Class 40 boat at the Waterfront on the Sunday afternoon just before he left  & spent quite a time looking over the boat and discussing  the sailing gear and equipment in detail – impressive!

Also at the Cape Town Waterfront were the first two Volvo Ocean Racing boats (Open 70s) – ‘Camper’ having just arrived in 2nd place after 'Telefonica':
with ‘Groupama 4’ still two days out and the dismasted ‘Puma’ still hoping to be brought in by ship from Tristan da Cunha  in time for the next race with a new mast....  (BTW – my mistake... this ‘Puma’ is clearly NOT the boat I mentioned in the RCYC Ladies’ Race.)   I felt quite envious to see how, as soon as they’d arrived, a big team of support guys came by ‘Camper’ to take away sails, a shroud, clothing, bedding etc for repair and washing....   All the crew and skipper of 'Camper' had to do was enjoy landfall, it seemed..!  It looked as though a stay was among the damaged items and one of the shore crew was quickly hoisted up the mast to bring down the damaged  stiff wire which held out the head and top of the mainsail roach.
(Signal Hill in the background)

My early a.m. flight to LHR was cancelled - flew overnight Tues/Wed instead...grr! But was able to sleep in on Tues morning ....and was able to get more work done on board during the day, before being given a lift by Tanya to Cape Town airport.

Safe arrival at LHR this morning.. Went shopping for outfit (new dress etc!) - didn't take as long as feared it might... so I'm all set for Thursday evening. Might go early to view Queen's Gallery Exhibition, 'The Heart of the Great Alone' , marking 100th Anniversary of Scott's journey to S. Pole, with photos of both Scott's and Shackleton's expeditions and of the Antarctic they saw...

Thanks for all the good wishes and the many messages for the Queen!!

(Don't forget to go to the SeaBC  Facebook  Resources page to download the Report sheets for when  you count the birds you see when you go out boating one fair-weather day in December...)

Written by : Mike

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