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SA Report 9 from Simon's Town (False Bay Y.C. - winners of the Lipton Cup)

'Nereida' spent quite a time on the hard while the rudder was being repaired.   Fortunately, the core was not one that held water so not much time was needed to dry it out before work could begin on reconstructing the trailing edge back to its original shape, using several layers of glass matting for strength.   While out, anodes were replaced, the keel was sanded and antifouled, a few marks & scratches were dealt with and the topsides nicely polished.   I spent quite a time taking the propellor back to shiny metal in order to re-coat with Propspeed - an effective non-toxic coating of smooth siliconised plastic which underwater life finds it difficult to stick to - so it stays clean for a long time...

I gave a talk to the Club soon after arriving - it was the first Wednesday of the racing season but the wind was not cooperating, so we waited quite a time for the last of the (becalmed!) racers to arrive before starting my presentation -which included lots of photos...  

The following Friday was party night at False Bay Y.C. - they were happily celebrating winning the Lipton Cup (by a close margin!) after a three-year campaign.  It's an annual event, held this year in Mossel Bay (close to Knysna Y.C. who were last year's winners), in which every yacht club in SA is able to be represented by just one L26 boat with a total-weight-limited crew - so it's a 'level playing field' in which tactics and skill (and a bit of luck if winds are flukey!) decide the outcome.

I like Simon's Town because it's a friendly, safe place with plenty of atmosphere and a cosy 'small town' feel.  It has lots of old buildings, due to it having been the main Naval Base for South Africa for two centuries.  The yacht club marina is adjacent to the docks of the naval base.

I was invited to look over a Fisheries Protection vessel docked across from a S.A. navy frigate and a short distance from a museum piece of an old submarine open to tourists.  The 'Lilian Ngoti' was preparing to go on a tour of duty - well-equipped with two big engines (I was very impressed with its 32 cylinders!!), floodlights, speedy RIB .... ready to challenge any suspect fishing boat:

A lovely Sunday morning walk with Judy, Jackie and her dog Benjy was on the 'Kloof Corner' path, leading up to the contour path winding its way all along the side of Table Mt for many miles:


There was a nice view over to Lion's Head mountain once we reached the narrow 'contour path' on Table Mt:
...... with good views along the coast S from Camps Bay:

and across to Signal Hill and Table Bay, lying calm in the warm sunshine:

The path wound its way beneath a high rocky cliff to beneath the cablecar leading up to the top of Table Mt:
Judy and Jackie were well ahead when we reached a stream tumbling down into a welcolme pool of cool water (I kept stopping to take photos of the many different flowers!) :

 -  a lovely place for a lunch-stop:
It was a lovely break from boat work ... and in the sunshine, many Spring flowers were coming out unusually early to join the late winter ones....  The weather was like a good English summer's day - they tell me it's been an unusually mild winter and they need more rain to fill the reservoirs - but I'm happy to have had so many good sunny days!

The following week, with 'Nereida' back in the water, safely tied to a marina dock, we had some really strong winds and rain .... I needed the protection of the new screen to stop the heavy driving rain from reaching into my companionway - it arrived the following week, after needing several adjustments - in time for the next front bringing a lot of rain...  That screen is going to prove very useful!

So now ... on to photos of the many pretty flowers (and eye-catching grasses!) that kept my camera busy as I walked...




Finishing with yet another lovely protea...! 

Written by : Mike

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