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Sat 14Nov09 Postscript ...I forgot to mention the pin!!!

Saturday 14th November 09 Day 36 That split pin......

Had several emails about the split pin problem at the gooseneck fitting between mast and boom .....Thanks for your concern, it's very much appreciated!

I'm pleased to report that I'm hoping all is now well...The clevis pin rotated a bit overnight, so I was actually able to get to & open the ends of the split pin far more this morning - well turned back on themselves, in fact, so it's much more secure than it was... I'll keep an eye on it and use an alternative if it gives any more grief(wire through clevis pin & around boom, maybe)

Sky has cleared tonight (Southern Cross clear to view) and wind has died down to 8 knots from SSE - so at 3 knots SOG we're not exactly breaking any speed records, yet again!! At least that means the sea has stayed smoother than this afternoon. I just hope the wind doesn't die totally...

(By the way, can someone send me info on where Groupama 3 have got to??)

Bye for now...

28S, 021W

Written by : Mike

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