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SHTP Day 10 SSB back!! (Or is it?)

Mon 3rd July

Had a good night, despite GPS all of a sudden deciding it was NOT OK from 7pm on...grrr!.... why??? For several hours it had been happily silent and I thought I'd resolved that problem. I suspect that Mark (Alchera) is right - maybe one instrument is sending 'silly' msgs to all the others, resulting in lots of different problems
We're making excellent speed, even without spinnaker. Conditions are quite gusty - generally making boatspeed of 6.6-7.3, up to 7.9 & 8 in strong gusts. Occasional gentle surfing at 8.6 or so! If the gusts weren't coming, I would try the spinnaker again - but will now wait for calmer conditions, being happy with our general speed. Can't risk more damage from a snatching 'chute. Barometer is reading 1023 and has been for over a day now, except a short time this morning when it went up to 1024 - I promptly turned us a little back S, having just previously turned more W!! 1020 is usually the 'golden figure' to keep at/under, so I'm already pushing my luck. Wish I had up-to-date weather info.
Spent quite a time writing up log, listening to music.
Tried phoning all the fleet with Iridium phones this morning - not a single call was successful! So emailed Lucie again with position - was very happy later in day to get a text msg to my phone to confirm receipt of email - nice to have contact of some sort..!!
5pm: ALL OK with power supply to switch for SSB supply - had to re-make a spade connection which had come apart - didn't take too long - wish all present problems were resolved so easily!! Then caught up on weather/emails/logs/position reports!!
Took a time trying to see which way I should head - almost directly to Kauai from now on looks OK for wind direction and strength. (Later) Seems odd to me that I haven't been able to get through to anyone since my first download early this evening - wonder if something is amiss with my transmission? No way to find out just now.
10pm: How frustrating! I could hear the rest of the fleet clearly on 4 (also on 6 & 8) Mhz on the SSB at 9pm rollcall - but not one of them seemed to be able to hear me, so having to send position etc by email again. I heard their positions clearly so could see how their wind compared with their position relative to the H. Interesting & instructive - think I'm crossing a slight 'ridge' now - wind is really up and down a lot and varying in direction somewhat as it varies in strength. But generally still making good speed.

Daily (24hr) runs of late have been excellent: (Thurs to Mon morning) - 134, 128, 163, 153 n.mls!

Written by : Mike

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