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Thurs 11thOct07 Lovely, calm, sunny day's sail


What a fabulous day today has been! Superb sailing in much less swell than up to now - I spent a little time on deck in the sun, soaking up the warmth, listening to the sounds of the approaching waves and 'Nereida' gliding through them. Very few clouds around.... lovely stars in a clear sky last night also. I still can't get used to seeing Orion & Taurus upside down, though!

Still not completely sure of making Rodriguez before nightfall on Saturday - wind has died down, often to below 15kn now. I poled out genoa around midday, with wind having backed to ESE, and it would only take us to drop below 6kn SOG for a time to mean having to heave-to & wait for first light Sunday. Will just have to make best speed I can & see what happens - wind may pick up a touch tomorrow, according to weather forecast, but may come too late.

Another relaxing day of reading & writing & some gazing around at the ocean while I sip my tea or coffee... talking of which - it's teatime now....

Noon-to-noon run: 158 n.ml. 341 n.ml. to go

Written by : Mike

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