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To Falklands from Tierra del Fuego...

Wed 16th March

Sunset over Puerto Espanol, with fog/low cloud to S.

1230pm LT
Been busy checking over passage plan ... Pilot says to leave Bon Successo an hour before LW to get safest transit NE through Le Maire Strait (not to be taken in 'wind-over-tide' conditions - with its strong currents and overfalls for quite a distance away from shore around headlands). Working back, that means I need ETD from here in Pto. Espanol of around 1600LT, assuming SOG 6kt. ETA 2 days 18 hr from start time, giving ETA 01230UTC on 19th March. So hope to arrive Pt Stanley in morning of Sat 19th March. Speed likely to be less than 6kt, on average, and would anyway prefer to make landfall in daylight, so not looking to go any faster and may well need to slow down nearer landfall.

Had good sleep again ... up at 0930am LT, having set alarm for 0315UTC (0015LT!) last night to speak to PacSeaNet - actually dozed off again after alarm went off, so was very late checking in but still managed to make contact.

Grey, rainy day with N wind which I'm hoping will back to NW by the time I reach the approach to LeMaire Strait tonight, since course then is NE so I don't want to be headed. forecast is showing that possibility, but land nearby could well funnel (and accelerate) the wind more to the N, to make life difficult! We'll see ....

Trying to make sure all is well-stowed - had a few books thrown around in rough seas Monday afternoon, so would be nice to avoid that!

wind died right down - and looks set to continue that way for next day or so - glad I'm not restricted tosail alone since what little wind there is is forecast to stay from SW - and I'll be mainly heading NE . so apparent wind will be zilch!! Raising anchor went fine, with rain having stopped earlier - that's always nice!

Lots of albatross when out in open water - and spotted two penguins in water soon after leaving - lovely to see them...

Approaching Cabo Buen Successo:

Cloud cleared away to give clear sky overhead - so lovely sunset over Tierra del Fuego, as we rounded Cabo de Buen Successo, making for Estrecho de Le Maire, carrying good tide with us... but motor definitely needed - pity!!

Written by : Mike

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