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Tues 26th Feb08 About to leave Namibia for St Helena

Today I managed to re-stitch the tapes holding the mainsail to the mast cars - one was completely undone and another about to be so ... I couldn't believe how skimpily Quantum in Durban had stitched them when asked to re-do them for me recently precisely because I was unhappy with the state of the stitching there after my Indian Ocean crossing. (I should add that Quantum in Cape Town, & Mark in particular, were very good, being helpful & thorough, working over a weekend to get work done in time for me). It took a bit of effort to re-connect the sail to the mast, not helped by the height of the cars & a brisk wind.... I managed to bruise/crush one finger tip when the cars above the one I was dealing with slid down onto it suddenly...ouch!! I shall have to keep an eye on the remainder of the tapes that they don't come undone.

Harry on 'Rhiannon' left before midday and Dieter on 'Amazon' is already on passage - both making for St Helena & then the Caribbean. I went ashore to do my final provisioning, clear Customs & Immigration & see Heiko & family to say farewell. I stayed for a braai & they later helped me down to the dinghy dock, laden with water, UHT milk & food.

Come morning, before the wind gets up strongly, as it really does most days, I need to lift the outboard & raise, deflate & pack away the dinghy. Once I've stowed food etc safely away & tidied up ready for passage-making, I'll be able to leave for St Helena.

Written by : Mike

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