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Tuesday 15th October 2013 - Day 4 to San Francisco

Tuesday 15th October 2013

Thought the wind was easing around midday - it went down to 22kt for a short time - but it's now frequently back up to 28+ kt and the big following seas are still up around 2.5m every 6 seconds. It's another sunny day, although it doesn't feel so very warm. We're still being thrown around quite often so I keep having to tidy up.

Was up early this morning for radio - made contact with Japan and Australia, although the Aus stns couldn't copy me too well so it was useful to have a relay (Bruce, K9LOF, in Illinois) helping.

Making use of my time by trying to catch up with lots of outstanding emails - some from quite a time ago.

Solar panels are doing well in the daytime, putting in up to 14A, but the genset has started playing up and dying after a short time of running, after having a problem exciting. The oil level is fine and I've released the actuator spindle that was a bit stuck and stopping it from speeding up and exciting initially, so I'll try it again tonight..... seems a pity to run it now, in bright sunshine, when the solar power input is high.

I was interested to hear from Rick, VE7TK, that he'd spotted my position (from my AIS transmission) on http://shipfinder.co/, rather than on marinetraffic.com. He used the MMSI number, which is 235070185, to locate us. We were well offshore, W of Portland, Oregon - a busy port with lots of shipping showing at the time on my AIS screen.

Later: Generator ran fine this evening - a relief! Rough seas and strong wind still - up to 27kt with occasional lulls around 22kt. Passing Cape Mendocino over 150ml off to avoid possible stronger seas and wind that are likely closer in.

Wednesday 16th October

6am Came below after gybing the mains'l and turning 60 degrees to port - headed directly towards San Francisco now. Dark starry sky - moon set a while ago. Speed down a bit in 22kt NNE wind. Clutch not holding 2nd reef line tightly - having to hold the line on a winch.

Time for some more sleep - no ships in sight but expect to see them as we get closer in to land and San Francisco.

Written by : Mike

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