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Ua Pou from Hiva Oa, Marquesas Thurs 26 April 07

Arrived Hakahetau Bay, Ua Pou island, at 9 am this morning after a good overnight sail from Hiva Oa where I  had checked in with the local 'gendarme' with little fuss, since I'm an EC citizen.  Unlike Canadian/US friends who had to pay a large amount for a 'bond' and spend two days using an agent before they had finished clearing in to French Polynesia - big hassle for them!

I'm anchored in a wide open bay, looking at green mountainsides, rather rolly due to swell with surf breaking on black rocks nearby & a steep black beach behind which is a tiny village with a red-roofed church spire peeking through the trees lining the beach.

High volcanic 'spires' and mountain tops tower over all - reaching up into perpetual dark grey clouds, although it's sunny out here in the bay!! 

A beautiful place. But very difficult to land a dinghy safely, so it's on early to Nuku Hiva tomorrow, just 24mls away - fuel, shops & maybe Internet!!  And a place to do some more boat jobs.... look at that SSB radio again, hopefully...

Written by : Mike

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