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Wed 2nd May: On passage to the Tuamotus

I'm now on a 4-5 day passage from the Marquesas to the Tuamotus (Rangiroa atoll), having had an absolutely brilliant sail so far, since leaving Nuku Hiva yesterday. Perfect trade-wind weather, although with accompanying swell!! I'm also slowly recovering from the bad cold I picked up after landfall, so today has been very enjoyable.

I enjoyed my quick tour of the Marquesas - scenery was frequently spectacular and always superb! It was nice to relax & meet with people, although it was lengthy, hard work re-fuelling via jerry cans, with a trip to fill them up at a high concrete fuel dock in big swell. Fortunately, I had help with that - I could never have managed to get two, full, 20l jerry cans down into the dinghy otherwise..

I'm also feeling really good just now because I'm hoping I may have sorted out my ongoing radio problem. I found a loose/very slightly corroded ground connection - so I'm finally making radio connections for emails & weather- & being heard far better over the radio.

If this arrives OK, you'll know that my radio is definitely better!

Written by : Mike

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